Internal regulations

The guest house is not a place open to the public. It’s a family that welcomes you to her home. There may be other travelers under the same roof. That is why we invite you to enjoy all the places of life at your disposal in the conviviality and the respect of the intimacy of each one. For the comfort and tranquility of all, we regret not being able to accommodate animals in La Casa della Grofica and in the rooms.

  • Article 1 Arrivals

In order to welcome you in the best possible conditions, your welcome will be made from 16:00 pm the day of your arrival and until 19:00 pm. Late or early arrivals, for example, to leave luggage in order to visit the neighbourhood with a less vulnerable vehicle, are subject to prior agreement.

    • Article 2 Departures

    On the last day, departures are for 10:00 am. We are not professionals of the hotel core business, we must be able to have the necessary time to offer to the people who arrive then the most welcoming housing possible.

    • Article 3 The breakfasts

    Breakfasts are served inside or outside the house, weather permitting, between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.

    • Article 4 The rooms

    The rooms are not intended to do laundry or take meals … A flat screen TV with TNT is available to visitors in each room, the sound must be moderated from 22:00 pm. Visitors can also access Wifi for free. Illegal downloading is prohibited.

    While it is traditional for visitors to store bedding, effects and clothing, their guests make a daily clean passage especially to empty garbage cans. The big stains will be borne by the customer.

    Valuables (jewels, multimedia devices, various means of payment, etc.) must not be left in the rooms or in the parked vehicles, the hosts declines any responsibility in case of disappearance of these objects.

    • Article 5 General provisions

    It is forbidden to smoke in places of collective use. The entire property, including rooms is non-smoking. As part of the protection of minors, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under 18 years. We ask our guests to present a decent dress for any occasion, and to be dressed and shod when traveling in public areas. The client agrees to make the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare, and assume financially, any possible degradation of which it could be responsible.

    Children in the property are under the sole responsibility of their parents.

    The kitchen is not left at the disposal of the guests.

    • Article 6 Thefts and accidents

    The owner declines all responsibility in case of theft or bodily injury in the property

        • Article 7 Pool rules

        Use of the pool : As part of the French regulation on the use of family swimming pools open to guests (objective : to avoid accidents to which children are victims) and in order to allow a harmonious use, this swimming pool regulation was elaborated .

        The owners remind all their customers of the lack of monitoring of the pool

        - As the swimming pool is a family pool, its use is reserved only for the family members of the owners and the guests staying in bed and breakfast.

        - Any minor child, not accompanied by a parent, is allowed to access the pool area. The use of the pool by children is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents.

        - All noisy games, all throwing objects are prohibited in and around the pool, dives and jumping from the edge are prohibited.

        The users of the swimming pool commit themselves :

          - take a shower before bathing and avoid bathing after using a cream or sun oil.

          - access to the pool area with sandals adapted for this purpose (no city shoe).

          - to use a swimsuit reserved solely for swimming.

          - not to bring food or drink.

          - The swimming pool area is open to the guests from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm

          - all users of the pool must be covered by a liability and defense civil liability

          A wheelchair specific to the pool is available for people with reduced mobility. Its use is under the full responsibility of users.

          the owner, on repeated breaches of one of the articles, may withdraw the authorization to access the pool area that he has previously granted without compensation of any kind.

          • Article 8 Pets

          Animals are not allowed. In case of non-compliance with this clause La Casa della Grofica will refuse the animals. This refusal cannot be considered in any case as a modification or a reservation break so that no refund can be considered.

          • Article 9 Environmental Chart

          The owners of La Casa della Grofica are sensitive to safeguarding our planet and wish to contribute to the protection of the environment by minimizing the footprint of the operation of its host structure.

          Simple and uncompromising measures can do a lot. We therefore count on your collaboration for :

          - avoid leaving the lights unnecessarily on,

          - do not let the water run and moderate the flow during showers,

          - we ask you to kindly throw in toilet only toilet paper, other waste having a waste bin provided for this purpose,

          - avoid using all the towels at your disposal if you do not really need them,

          - We kindly ask you to use the swimming pool sheets only for swimming.

          • Article 10 The Keys

          In case of loss of the keys a flat fee of €20 per key will be charged.